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Semen and Embryos Available


Bay Macho Hikaru, 294G (See on Digital Beef)


SCD/Tenderness score: AA/10


Sire – Bay Ito Macho 177 (FB22028) AA/10 – Carries the ‘original’ Wagyu Exon 5 CC allele variant. The C type allele has not been found in any other breed of cattle. Three of the best marbling bulls outside Japan appear in his pedigree: Fukutsuru-068, Michifuku and Itoshigenami. His paternal great grandfather, Itomoritaka, J2703 – is known for his early growth, large size and enabling his female offspring to produce an ample supply of milk.


Dam – Bay Macho Hama 226E (FB26995)AA/10.  A GeneSTAR® Molecular Value Prediction (MVP) of 0.89 or greater for marbling places a Wagyu animal in the top 1% of all Wagyu animals cited in the 2010 North American database.  Misami, his maternal great grandmother has a marbling MVP of 1.01 and, Misako, his maternal great great grandmother has a marbling MVP of 1.03. His maternal great grandfather Hirashigetayasu is known for sending growth to his progeny. In Japan, eighty percent of his steer offspring graded A5.  Suzataka 2, his maternal grandmother is a full sister to the top Australian carcass bull TWA Shikkan and Suzataka 2’s dam is World K’s Suzatani, known for adding marbling, size and growth to her offspring.


If you’re looking to add high quality to your herd, you’ve found it in Bay Macho Hikaru 294G. Buy today while it’s still available.


BBS Itokiku  FB 22094 (See on Digital Beef)


  • Approximately 67 percent Tajima, 25 percent Shimane, 8 percent Tottorri.
  • Itokiku is a paternal grandson of Itoshigefuji who is a strong maternal sire and will add frame to steers.  His genetics include Dai 7 Itozakura and World K’s Michifuku both will improve marbling of carcasses.
  • On the maternal side his grand sire JVP Kikuyasu is one of the largest bulls of the breed and will add frame and improve ribeye.

If your looking for a particular trait, or balancer for your herd, we may have what your looking for. 

Currently,  we have canes of AA10 Bay Macho Hikaru, and BBS Itokiku available.  

Call for pricing and availability.