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Why Order Wagyu Beef

At Labruanda Ranch we are committed to producing fine tasting, and tender beef at an affordable price.   This starts with choosing the right genetics, proper nutrition, and providing an environment that is low in stress where our cattle can thrive.   Our steers are born and raised on our operation where we have daily contact with them.   They are not not shipped to a feedlot.   Our cattle are raised on pasture until they are approximately 24 months of age, at which time we begin introducing them to a specially formulated ration of grains that encourage the marbling and buttery flavor our customers expect.   

Why order a whole steer or half ?   

  • Quality – Most of our steers will grade prime or high choice.
  • Health — You know where your beef is coming from.
  • Service — Our goal is to make ordering easy, and provide you a satisfying experience.
  • You save money.

How much does it cost ?

Currently we are offering  whole  Wagyu / Angus cross (F1) steer for $4200  or half for $2300.   We will deliver to local processor or your choice.

If you would like to use our processor,  we can pay the processing / packaging fee of .95 cents/lb, and add to your order.   Choosing this option, we will help you in deciding on cutting orders for processor.    Our processor is USDA inspected.  They will age up to 21 days using a wet aging process.  All beef is  vacuum packed and boxed. 

Delivery Options:

We will help you choose a processor, and assist with choosing best option for shipping or delivery.

** All orders require deposit before steer will be delivered to processor, and final payment before pickup.


Order Now or Contact us With Questions

Call or text:

  • 405-226-4652
  • 870-273-3362

Email:  Labraunda.cattle@gmail.com

How many pounds of beef can I expect ?

Many buying for the first time ask this question and the answer varies depending on some of your choices.   Typically though  1500 lb steer will have a dressing percentage of 55 – 60 %.   This is called the rail or hanging weight.   After that and depending on how you choose to have your beef cut, you begin losing bone weight, and moisture.  This brings your weight down to 40 – 45 % of the live weight.   This means you would yield approximately 600 lbs of beef to put in your freezer.  Your cost in this example would be ((.8 x 600) + 3500) = $3980;  or $6.63 per/lb

The University of Tennessee Extension Service has an excellent overview on this topic: Beef Calculator

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